Vitality … unwrapping the myths and facts

//Vitality … unwrapping the myths and facts

Vitality … unwrapping the myths and facts

Is Vitality all it’s really hyped up to be, or do we merely just not understand how to work it efficiently?

: you can get to Gold status on Vitality! Without doing an ounce of traditional / old fashioned exercise!


However, this is not the point of Vitality’s existence. Vitality was borne out of the concept of “be rewarded for living well”


I too, have been rather lazy and unwilling to actually understand how one incurs points and what benefits are attached thereto.


Here are some guidelines on how to get to Gold status (45000 points per adult member per year) for example (read further to see benefits attached for this status):


  1. Exercise – up to 30000 points (easier than you think..)
  2. Free health check at Dischem /Clicks pharmacy – up to 25000 points
  3. Healthy food – up to 12000
  4. Various other tests that count 1000-2500 points per event


Uncovering perceived versus real benefits:

Is Gold or Diamond status, the be all and all, and if I don’t reach those, is there even point having vitality?


The answer is YES!


Even on the lowest level (blue), you will enjoy 15% off flights and car hire, movies at Ster Kinekor for half price (kids before 7pm are free), however if you reached gold, you would enjoy double the discounts on flights/car hire etc. .Nevermind the additional benefits like up to 75% at either Virgin Active or Planet Fitness, huge discounts on shoes/ devices/apparel and loads more.


Drop us a line for a more detailed rundown of how we can get Vitality to work for you!


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