Cancer concerns in men and women of South Africa

//Cancer concerns in men and women of South Africa

Cancer concerns in men and women of South Africa

Apologies for being the bearer of bad news, but cancer scares are a harsh reality in South Africa where at least one in six men and one in seven women are diagnosed with the dreaded Big C during their lifetime, which often does not have a positive outcome. The truth is that cancer has no concept of time, age or gender, nor does the dreaded disease offer any sympathy or forgiveness to those who contract the disease. It takes its toll without much warning yet we can all take small steps toward a healthier way of living that could prevent the disease.

You will find interesting statistics posted throughout various websites of the prevalence of cancer in South Africa and we should take head of all their warnings as well as gain as much insight as possible on how to adjust our lifestyle.

The top five female cancers that have been identified as the most common in South African women are – Breast cancer; Cervical cancer; Colon related cancer; Lung cancer and Oesophageal cancer with the scary truth of the top five cancers in South African men being – Prostate cancer; Lung cancer; Oesophageal cancer; Bladder cancer as well as Colon related cancer.

It must be said then, that with these statistics, South Africans need to ensure that they are constantly taking preventative measures in order to lower their risk of contracting cancer.

According to the World Health Organisation, 30% of cancers in industrialised countries and 20% of cancers in developing countries are diet-related, so the first step would be to rectify ones eating to a more healthier meal plan, not only for yourself, but your entire family. Further, you should consider these everyday valuable steps to take to help alleviate the risk of the Big C :

  • Go for regular check up’s regardless of whether you are male or female
  • Always wear protective clothing and sunscreen
  • Reduce tobacco and alcohol intake
  • Exercise regularly

Remember, healthy eating and a healthy way of living could save your life.


Our next blog will uncover some interesting stats on “claims, ages, where insurers are taking hits etc”.

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